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What Do Home Inspectors Do?

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Whether you’re buying or selling a house, chances are excellent that you’ve heard about the need for home inspectors. The home inspection process is what gives the buyer peace of mind that the home they buy today won’t be the money pit they must renovate tomorrow. From a seller’s perspective, having an inspection report offers validation for the asking price. In either case, understanding what home inspectors do is an important part of any real estate transaction.

What Home Inspectors Look For: Interior

When you put your home on the local real estate market, you already know how critical a clean, clutter-free interior is to enticing offers from potential buyers. This can also be important to home inspectors. While their concern is not cobwebs in the corners, most inspectors will not inspect areas that are obstructed by junk or furniture. For best results, make sure you clear the areas the inspector will review in advance of the visit.

During the interior inspection, you can expect home inspectors to check the condition of walls, doors and windows, as well as the overall quality of open spaces. Your attic, basement and crawl spaces are also on the interior list, so don’t neglect repairs to these areas because issues will show up on the final inspection report.

What Home Inspectors Look For: Exterior

The exterior of your home is where home inspectors will determine the structural integrity of your home. Not only does the inspector walk around the home to look for flaws with brickwork and siding, you can expect them to perform a visual inspection of the foundation. As you know, foundation problems can lead to burst pipes, wall cracks and other costly issues, so make sure you walk your foundation prior to the visit.

The roof is another key area of the home inspection. In most cases, sellers must fix any problems here before a buyer will make an offer.

What Home Inspectors Look For: Systems

An important part of any real estate inspection is the review of the home’s systems. Home inspectors make a point to check the quality of installation and current condition of HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. If your home has gas connections or fireplaces, your inspection report will include information on the safety of them as well. Because the systems in your home have components outside, make sure you trim back shrubs that may block the home inspector’s access.

Always keep in mind that the integrity of a house’s systems can be the difference between home inspectors giving a positive and negative report of the home. Before you put your home on the real estate market, always repair or replace malfunctioning system equipment to obtain the highest price for your property.

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