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Reduce Home Building Costs

Home Building
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When you build a new home, it's a big investment, so you want to reduce home building costs wherever you can, while you still use the best materials available, so your home is sturdy, safe and stylish. You can start saving money in the initial design stages of your new home.

Save Money with the Home Design

You should work with your architect or designer to save money on your home's design and building. They should plan rooms that fit regularly sized building materials (such as 2x4 or 2x6 lumber), because this reduces waste lumber and the cutting necessary to trim boards. Kitchens and bathrooms should be located close to each other to cut down on the cost of running longer plumbing lines. Electrical outlets should be linked as close as possible, too. If you build a two-story home, you'll save on roofing and foundation costs, and smaller homes cost less to build than larger ones. Make sure the home is less than 32-feet-wide or deep will require specially constructed trusses, and those can be pricey. Work with your designer to find a plan that's well-designed to cut construction costs, but will still meet your family's needs.

Building Procedures that Save Money

Next, look for a contractor that uses optimum-value engineering (OVE) procedures. These procedures were developed by the National Association of Home Builders, and they're designed to reduce the building and framing materials used to construct your house, but they still maintain the structural reliability of the house. Reducing the framing used in the house can also create up to a 5 percent cut off your labor costs on the house. In addition, this building technique uses studs placed further apart, so your outside walls can hold more insulation, which means your heating and cooling costs will be lower on the house.

Building Materials that Save Money

Ask your contractor and designer to use reclaimed or recycled building materials in your home. If you have a building salvage yard in your area, tour it with your contractor to find suitable materials for your project. If you like antique-style materials, look for older homes that are being demolished, or look for materials that came out of these homes, like wood trim, staircases, fireplaces, and other fixtures. Avoid using period windows and doors, though. Today's energy-efficient doors and windows will save you a lot more money in energy costs. So, use design, construction, and materials effectively to reduce your home building costs while still building the new home of your dreams.

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