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Methods of Home Ant Control

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For many homeowners, home ant control is a continuous battle that is often quite difficult to win. In addition to being a nuisance, ants also contaminate food, build unsightly mounts in your yard and garden, and cause structural damage in your home by hollowing out wood for nesting purposes. In addition, ant species such as fire ants can be life-threatening to allergic homeowners. Depending on the specific types of ants plaguing your home, there are several methods of home ant control you can take to ensure your home remains ant-free.

One of the major mistakes many homeowners make when trying to control ants is only spraying ant killer on the ants they see. This is usually unsuccessful because the ants you see on exposed surfaces are only a small part of the colony. There are generally thousands of additional ants, including one or more egg-laying queens, which are in the ant nest. Ultimately, the best way to eliminate ants from your home is to destroy the queens and other colony members you are unable to see.

Inaccessible Ants

Your home contains many favorable hiding places for ants, such as behind walls, cabinets, appliances, windows, and doorframes. Considering most of these areas are difficult for you to see, it can often be a challenge to rid your home of these ants. When it is impossible to determine the location of the ant nest or it is inaccessible, ant baits are an excellent option. The advantage of using ant baits is that foraging ants take the bait back to the nest and feed it to the other ants, which kills the entire colony. Most ant baits come pre-packaged with the insecticide and food confined within a plastic container for you to place throughout your home.

When to Call a Professional

In most cases, if ant baits and sprays fail to eliminate the problem, it is time to contact a professional pest control company. The chemicals a professional uses to assist in your home ant control are much more potent and effective than over-the-counter household sprays and baits. While it is always a good idea to attempt to rid your home of ants yourself first, if this is unsuccessful, the best option is to have a professional pest control company treat your home regularly.

Home ant control is an issue almost all homeowners face at some point. While it may prove difficult to eliminate all the ants invading your home, using certain ant baits and contacting a professional pest control company is your best line of defense against this common household pest.

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