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Ideas for Hillside Landscaping

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If your property lies on a hillside, you a have a great opportunity of enhancing the beauty of your home by having charming hillside landscaping to complement it. Hillside landscaping is a fun process but can be a daunting task when you are faced with all the available design options. When hiring a landscaping service, be sure to have an idea of the style and treatment you prefer. To help you in making your decisions, here are some ideas for hillside landscaping you can apply in your home.

Ideas for Hillside Landscaping

One option to enhance your hillside landscaping is to add steps to the design. Tiered stairs will instantly add elegance to your property. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the steps will also serve a practical purpose as they help retain the flow of water instead of allowing it to slide down roughly. This avoids dead spots that tend to occur during the summer.

Another way to beautify your hillside landscaping is with the use of retaining walls. This is the best technique against soil erosion as well. Retaining walls can be made from several materials. Walls can be made of wood, brick, rock, and even plastic or PVC. The first thing that your landscape designer will do is to study and decide where to best position the retaining walls. He will determine how the walls will affect or impact the hillside’s drainage patterns, as well as look at whether the wall's location will aid in preventing erosion or not. It is very possible that a retaining wall can stop erosion in one particular area but may also increase erosion in another area of the landscape. This is the reason why it is always best to consult with an engineer and professional landscape designer to help you in designing the right layout. With their services you can successfully prevent damage brought about by soil erosion and enjoy a strong and healthy landscape.

Your landscape designer may also install a stone path that meanders through the hillside. These stone paths will help draw people’s eyes into your garden. Stones such as slate and flagstone are great choices because of their versatile flat shape. They also come in a wide variety of sizes to suit all garden shapes and structures. They can be placed along narrow paths in which their earth colors will complement the land. As an accent, have your landscaper place ornamental grasses or plants. The grass will add color and texture in your garden space. In between the stones, the landscaper may place moss for a contrasting effect.

Adding plants is another technique for preventing erosion and protecting the integrity of your hillside landscaping. Ground covers and low-growing perennials are ideal for your hillside landscaping, including day lilies, sedum, and Virginia creeper.

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