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What is High Speed Dial Up Service?

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Acceleration Means Faster Page Downloads

High speed dial up service means that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are using an accelerator. A dial up accelerator compresses certain images and graphics on a web page to reduce their size or quality. This way, the web page will load faster compared since the amount of data is reduced. Depending on how the accelerator is designed, some image quality maybe lost but it is minimal.

Static graphics, email, text, videos and some web page content can be accelerated to increase overall download speed. For websites that frequently visited, images and text may be stored for faster download.

High Speed Dial Up: Not Broadband Fast

Many ISPs state that web pages download about 5 to 6 times faster than normal dial up service. However, the connection speed of high speed dial up Internet access is not as fast as broadband Internet. Due to infrastructure constraints, dial up connection speeds cannot go above 53.3K. High speed dial up Internet access is designed to make downloading web pages less time consuming.

Exceptions to Acceleration

Some web content cannot be accelerated with high speed dial up service. For example, encrypted or secure web pages cannot be accelerated because it may comprise the site’s security. Also, streaming audio, video and media files cannot be accelerated.

Usually ISPs develop accelerators only work with specific web browsers, so ask which settings should be used for optimum browsing.

Pricing and Additional Costs

Pricing for dial up services vary by provider. Most ISPs include certain extra features with all dialup Internet service packages, including free email accounts, antivirus/anti spam software and free web space. Most ISPs run specials to attract new customers.

Regular dial up service is normally about $7 to $10 a month. Some ISPs then add on an extra fee of $3 to $7 for an accelerator option. Other ISPs label high speed dial up service as a premium, accelerated or turbo service. They then charge a flat fee for high speed dial up access, which usually ranges from about $11 to $19 a month.

In addition to the monthly ISP fee, users need to contact a phone company. Dialup Internet service requires a telephone landline, so the cost of a landline and phone charges need to be included in the final cost analysis. Also, users will need to buy some hardware equipment for their computer, such as an external dial up modem and a PCI card.

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