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Risks of Herniated Disc Surgery


There are many risks of herniated disc surgery. Better known as a discectomy, herniated disc surgery is a surgical treatment performed to remove a bulging or herniated disc from the spine region. While not always necessary, a discectomy is done when the pressure of the bulging disc pushes against the spinal nerves within the area of the herniated disc of the spine.

Risks of Herniated Disc Surgery

A general outpatient surgery, the discectomy rarely has side effects. However, the risks may outweigh the benefit of the surgery. The single most consistent risk attributed to the herniated disc surgery is something called recurrent disc herniation.

Recurrent disc herniation may occur when another disc fragment bulges, causing a repeat scenario of the initial symptoms in the patient. While doctors maintain this risk only has a 10-15 percent chance of occurrence, it is still considered a risk factor of the surgery.

Additionally, it has been estimated that just about 10 percent of all patients who have had the herniated disc surgery will not be relieved of their symptoms. Furthermore, there are many other risks including excessive bleeding, infection as well as spinal fluid leakage. These repercussions are in addition to excess pain that may be a negative recourse from the surgery. With all of these risks lined up, many people see alternative therapy as a viable, and painless option.

A natural and much safer alternative to herniated disc surgery is conventional chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor can isolate the pain problem associated with a herniated disc and devise a treatment plan for the patient that is often much less painful and less invasive than surgery would ever be.

If you do want a more natural treatment method, there are certain chiropractic methods employed by chiropractors that cater to a more holistic treatment of a herniated disc. For example, the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association or NUUCA method is a chiropractic approach that concentrates on a certain bone structure that connects the head and neck, which is believed to be the center of most back pains including herniated discs. Known as the atlas subluxation complex this small misalignment inhibits the communication between the brain and the body and results in pain and physical malfunction.

The NUCCA method is a non-invasive and very gentle technique that will correct misalignment and encourage your body to heal itself. Through a series of gentle manual manipulations, the pressure and pain created from a herniated disc will dissipate considerably.

Through methods like the NUCCA approach, a chiropractor will better be able to treat the herniated disc as well as asses the overall state of wellness of the patient. Putting a solid treatment plan into effect will have a positive impact on the patient’s well being. If you are considering having herniated disc surgery, contact your local wellness center for alternative treatment options.

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