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Finding Help for Math

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If you feel that it’s time to find help for math for your child, fortunately there are plenty of resources both within the school and throughout your local community. Tutoring these days is readily available, and most schools can provide a variety of recommendations based on what they believe will be best for your child. If your child is struggling in math, it’s best to find help sooner rather than later, as a good tutor can get your child back on track and ready to succeed in school. Here are some basic guidelines for finding help for math for your child.

Signs That It’s Time to Find Help for Math

All too often, a bad report card or a call from a teacher are what instigate a parent finding their child help for math. But there are other signs you can look for before it gets to that point. Math is a subject that builds upon itself. In other words, your child is constantly drawing on concepts they have already learned in order to grasp the new material being presented in class. Thus, once your child become lost (or "misses" a concept), it can become very difficult for them to catch up on their own. Look for signs of struggle in daily homework and/or a drop in performance on tests. Also pay attention if your child suddenly “hates” math or is getting frustrated more easily than they used to.

Where to Look for Help for Math

If you’ve determined that it’s time to find math help for your child, there are plenty of options available. It’s a good idea to first confer with your child’s teacher, as he or she may have suggestions as to the type of tutoring situation that may be best for your child. Your child may be merely underachieving, and a couple of sessions aimed at providing encouragement may be all they need to get ahead, perhaps even through the Internet. Or your child may work better in small groups, in which case a tutoring center may be a good fit. If the problems appear to be more serious, then one on one tutoring may be your best bet, which you can also arrange through a tutoring center or with a private tutor as well.

When you find help for math for your child early, then your child will be able to build their math skills on a stronger foundation, making them much more likely to succeed in school long term. Talk to the school or a local tutoring center to see what type of tutoring service they recommend for your child.

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