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Heater Repair Tips

Heating and HVAC
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Preventative maintenance is the key to reliable heater operation. But even the most conscientious homeowners sometimes find themselves unexpectedly faced with a sudden heater repair. Before calling in the pros, give these tried-and-true tips a try.

  1. If your unit’s thermostat controls both the air-conditioner and the heater, make sure it is set to the heat function.
  2. Has your heater blown a fuse? Check the circuit breaker. You may need to replace the fuse, or simply reset the circuit breaker.
  3. Make sure the furnace power switch is set to On. If you can’t locate the switch, consult the owner’s manual.
  4. The furnace motor may have stopped working due to a power overload. Try pressing the unit’s reset button; consult the owner’s manual if you can’t locate it.
  5. Check the pilot light on a gas furnace. It may need to be reignited.
  6. For some free advice and assistance, try giving your local utility service a call. They’ve seen it all, and may be able to suggest a fix that you haven’t thought of. Also try this with the manufacturer of your furnace They will most likely have a toll-free number that can connect you to a helpful technical support representative.

If none these tips help to get the hot air blowing again, it’s time to call in a service technician. But homeowners can also be proactive to prevent problems before a heater repair becomes necessary.

A good place to start is by regularly replacing the filter. This is inexpensive and easy to do. A regular filter replacement schedule can help keep your heater repair needs to a minimum, and allow you to enjoy years of faithful service from your heating system.

While you’re replacing that filter, you might as well get out the vacuum and attack all that accumulated dust and debris around the blower. Doing this can greatly increase the efficient output of your heater.

We all know that an emergency heater repair at 3 am in the depths of winter always costs more than routine preventative maintenance. So it would be quite cost-effective to hire a professional service technician to come to your home and give your heating system a thorough cleaning, checkup, and fine-tuning. The technician may even be able to identify potential future problems during the “checkup” that can be taken care of right there and then, instead of requiring an additional costly service call. Acting before a big problem makes an expensive heater repair a necessity is a smart move.

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