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What to Look for in a Health Club Step Class


Here are some tips on what to look for in a health club step class before joining. Step aerobics has been both a popular and highly effective form of exercise for health clubs over the last thirty years. It’s a fun way to incorporate exercise with music and a great way to make friends and keep each other motivated to continue attending class. When choosing a class look at the following:

The size of an aerobics class can make the class fun and comfortable, or crowded and dangerous. If space is an issue, many facilities cap the class size to a specific number to make sure participants have enough room to do the routines without accidents or incidents. Since most classes have both experts and novices in the same space, it’s prudent to ensure enough room for missed steps, wrong directions and even falls. Each participant needs enough room to effective maneuver around their step before and after the step routine for a warm up and cool down, and during the routine for any number of steps the instructor may incorporate into the routine like floor steps grapevines, etc.

Instructor cuing is often the number one complaint, or praise students provide when asked about a step class. If the instructor speaks too softly students will not be able hear the next step. If the cuing is provided too quickly or too slowly, concentration can be broken causing missed steps. Cuing is one of the most important parts of a health club step class. It allows students to be prepared for the next move safely, and allows them to get their bodies ready for the next transition.

All health club equipment should be in proper working order – this includes all steps and their related accessories. Step equipment receives a great deal of repetitive use. With weight classifications of typically up to 300 lb., the amount of force applied to steps during an average step class is quite significant. When coupled with often daily use, over months or years, steps often develop small cracks resulting from repeated flexion. Over time these cracks can result in complete failure of the step. If someone is on the step at the time, balancing on one foot, serious injury could result.

The beauty of the health club step aerobics workout is the mixture of cardio and strength training the class produces. A good instructor will incorporate both arm and leg movements to work all the major muscle groups, while keeping the heart rate up.

Depending on the intricacies of the workout and the length of the class, it can take a few classes before the steps are mastered. If the same students come to a class every day, once, twice, or thrice a week, it will dictate how frequently a routine should be rotated for variety. While there is immense satisfaction in mastering the steps, after a few classes boredom can result. A knowledgeable instructor will change a few steps in the routine to keep things fresh until a completely new routine is introduced.

When scoping out a health club step class, be sure to keep these tips in mind. It’s important to find a class and instructor who will make your workout experience enjoyable.

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