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What is on the Menu at a Hawaiian Restaurant?

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These days, Hawaiian cuisine is a combination of many other ethnic cuisines that have been brought to the Hawaiian Islands. These include Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese and Polynesian. Animal and plant food sources have been imported to Hawaii from all around the globe and many meals on the menu at a Hawaiian restaurant reflect this. For example, many Hawaiian restaurants serve a lunch dish consisting of a portion of rice, a portion of macaroni cheese and a selection of toppings from fried eggs to hamburgers.

Here are some popular ingredients in local Hawaiian dishes;

Poi - this is a traditional Hawaiian dish made from taro; an ancient vegetable that originates from New Guinea. It is a root vegetable and is also used for making taro flour and chips.

Ahi poke – this is a dish made from raw yellow fin tuna covered with chopped roasted kukui nuts, chili peppers onion and soy sauce served over red cabbage.

Kalua pig- this dish is made of pulled pork served with marinated steamed cabbage.

Loco moco- an American inspired dish comprised of hamburger patties topped with fired eggs.

Lomi salmon – a dish of cubed salmon served with onions and tomatoes.

Chicken Katsu – this is a Japanese style fried chicken served with Tonkatsu sauce. The dipping sauce is made form apples, tomatoes, vinegar and spices.

Corn chowder – this modern Hawaiian dish is made from chicken stock, celery corn, onion and potatoes.

Chicken Long Rice – this poultry dish is another luau staple and is a Chinese dish comprised of grilled chicken served with rice, bean strands or Chinese vermicelli.

Kimchi – traditionally a Korean dish of salt-pickled cabbage, kimchi is now a popular side dish in Hawaii.

Chicken Lu’au – another favorite, this dish is made of chicken cooked with taro leaves and coconut milk.

Shoyu chicken – this is fried chicken served with hoisin sauce, parsley and green onions.

Beef Teriyaki – this is a Chinese meal that has become a Hawaiian favorite. It consists of beef pieces marinated in teriyaki sauce and Hawaiian spices that is grilled or broiled. The beef is often replaced with chicken.

Mahi mahi – this is a moist fish often grilled and encrusted with mayonnaise and fresh crab meat.

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