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Hauling Garbage the Green Way

Garbage and Recycling
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More than 179,000 garbage trucks run in the United States, posing several environmental implications ranging from noise to air pollutions. Here are some of the problems environmentalists have identified and what garbage truck companies are doing to remedy the situation.

Hauling Garbage: Noise

Noisy garbage trucks can contribute to hearing loss of residents, and the latest garbage trucks out there are being touted as being more than 90 percent quieter than their traditional counterparts. Garbage truck workers especially are susceptible to the noise pollution these garbage trucks generate. Garbage truck manufacturers are increasingly trying to product quieter vehicles that address the problem of noise pollution.

Hauling Garbage: Emissions

Environmentalists have determined that more than 90 percent of garbage trucks are fueled by diesel, the source of dozens of contaminants that threaten the health of our communities. The good news is that natural gas garbage trucks are now available, so the only remaining challenge is getting garbage companies to follow suit; some of the leaders in the garbage industry already are taking the first steps.

Today’s garbage trucks run on 3 miles per gallon. In addition to the health benefits of natural gas garbage trucks, using alternative fuel frees our dependence on foreign oil. More than 100 million Americans live in a zone that violates federal clean air standards, making clean burning garbage trucks more of a necessity than ever.

Hauling Garbage: Solution

More than 40 percent of garbage trucks in the United States are old and outdated. In order to address the noise and air pollution of these diesel trucks, companies will need to transition to quieter, cleaner-burning garbage trucks as soon as possible. Leaders in the garbage hauling industry already are taking the first steps, investing in modern fleets that comply with environmental standards.

Environmental regulations are reported to be the driving force behind this transition that affects garbage companies, 80 percent of which are private corporations. These companies also cite economic incentives for green business practices in the shift to cleaner-burning trucks. Through more technology, tougher regulations in increased financial incentives, more garbage companies will be able to use green diesel garbage trucks.

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