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Choosing Hardy Shrubs

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Hardy shrubs are widely defined as shrubs that can take a punishment from extreme heat and cold, shrubs that can handle overexposure to very wet places, as well as shrubs that can flourish in many different kinds of soil. If you want your landscaper to plant some hardy shrubs for you, you should consider azaleas, yellow forsythias, quinces, and hibiscuses.

Examples of Hardy Shrubs

Azaleas are a good example of a hardy shrub. They are also a handy shrub if you want to occupy massive chunks of space to reduce the amount of time it takes to mow. Azaleas come in a large style and a dwarf style. The shrub itself features very large blossoms in a wide array of colors during the early spring season. They require a variance of pruning, and pulling weeds is vital with younger plants, dwarf style plants, or plants that have been damaged. While this require more care from your landscaping service as the plants are growing, once fully healthy, an azalea should be, for the most part, free of weeds.

Abelias are another example of hardy shrubs. If you want your landscaper to give you a hardy shrub with longer stems and a strong scent, then abelias may be the plant for you. The long-stemmed abelia will give off a very pungent odor from the blossoms they produce. During the spring and summer, the plant produces shiny, light green leaflets. During growth, the thin stems it produces very rapidly begin to form a large shrub that, much like the azalea, takes up a large quantity of space, as well as keeps the weeds nearly nonexistent. The abelias flourish when given sufficient sunlight, and seem to do better in warmer climates. The foliage ceases in the winter months, when nothing but bare stems exist. These not only fill unoccupied yard space, but also offer a lush and fertile look to your personal landscape. They also attract various forms of wildlife to their blossoms, including butterflies, bumblebees and hummingbirds. The thick underbrush also prevents massive weeds, and the abelia grows dark red berries. If you want something that looks good, and is very low maintenance, ask your landscaper about abelias.

One of the most beautiful of the hardy shrubs is the yellow forsythia. If you want a hardy shrub that grows to be about four feet in height, and that occupies a lot of space, you may want to consult your landscaper about this shrub. It features bright yellow flowers during the spring, and is very popular planted along the edges of properties or fencelines. The bushes themselves are very delicately scented, yearning for insects and other creatures. They flourish the best in very moderate temperatures, but a few types can outlast the elements in extreme temperatures.

Your landscaper may also have additional suggestions for hardy shrubs.

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