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Top Hair Weave Doís and Doníts

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A hair weave will increase the length of your hair and add volume to create extra thick locks and braids in naturally fine hair, but before you decide to put a weave in your hair read these important do's and don'ts first.

Hair Weave Do's

Use the Services of a Professional Beautician: A hair weave that has not been placed in the hair properly can cause a wide range of problems from alopecia (hair loss) to an unnatural and fake look to shorter lasting weaves. For the best results, and to protect your natural hair, use the services of a professional beautician who comes highly recommended.

Consider How You Want the Weave Applied: The most common types of weave applications in hair use a sealing bond to attach the weave to individual hairs, but there are many different types of ways to attach weaves to hair. Each method has pros and cons – such as price, how long the weave lasts and if the weave can be styled or washed – so always discuss with a beautician the types of applications available and which one may suit you best.

Follow Weave Care Instructions: To keep your hair looking its best, always follow the care instructions once a weave has been placed in your hair. Following care instructions will also help to protect your natural hairs from excessive damage.

Hair Weave Don'ts

Do Not Use Weaves if You're Trying to Grow Your Hair: Any type of weave will damage the ends of hair to some extent, and most beauticians recommend cutting off a few inches of hair once a weave has been removed to keep hair healthy. If you are trying to grow your hair out, consider using a wig or a clip-on hair extension instead of a weave.

Do Not Remove Weaves Without Prior Instructions: To avoid damaging your hair, never remove a weave unless you know what you are doing. Beauticians will usually remove a weave they placed in your hair for little to no cost or provide at home instructions on how to remove a weave.

Do Not Keep A Painful Weave In Your Hair: If a new hair weave is causing you pain, have the weave removed immediately. A weave that is tight enough to cause pain can lead to continual headaches and extensive hair damage and hair loss.

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