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Hairstyles Featuring Trendy Hair Clips

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Hair clips are used to shape and accessorize some of the trendiest hairstyles of the year. You can create your own hairdos at home or with the help of a professional stylist, with these show stopping clip coiffures.

Braids with Hair Clips

Hair clips and braids are now a dynamic duo. Use one large clip to hold up the very top part of your hair, and then place gradually smaller clips down the length of the braid. Clips which are especially popular with braids include large plain or carved wooden clips and etched silver and copper clips. You can also experiment with clips that come with hanging gemstone loops and strands to add extra dazzle to your braid styles.

Buns with Hair Clips

Create fashionable buns that sport a clip accessory placed either horizontally, vertically or off kilter on the bun. Use small lightweight clips on larger buns so they don’t add to the weight of your hair, and experiment with larger clips to hold small top buns in place. For an elegant bun hairdo use a hair clip decorated with delicate flowers or lace. To add extra textures to your bun pull out a few strands of hair to rest lightly on the sides of your face and down your neck and give the strands a curl with a large roller if your hair is not naturally curly.

Twists with Hair Clips

Hot mussed-up hairstyles can be achieved with large and small hair twists secured by hair clips; for these styles, twists of hair can be secured to the base of the neck, the top of the head, or swept to one side. While mussed hairstyles may look like you just rolled out of bed, they can take a skilled hand to create; if you are having difficulties with securing your twists with clips, ask your hair stylist to show you tips on how to twist at home.

Styles with Multiple Hair Clips

Small multiple hair clips used to pull the side of the hair up, or frame the crown of the head, can be suitable for almost any occasion including work and going out for the night. This type of style is great for all hair types, including curly, straight or thin hair, it just takes a little practice to learn how to secure the clips and create a look that is the most flattering for your haircut and facial shape.

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