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What is Gunite?

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What is gunite? The word refers to a mixture of dry concrete and sand that is combined with water as it is sprayed through a nozzle. The mixture is sprayed at a high pressure, creating a durable, strong, dense material. Gunite is what can be used for a variety of applications, such as constructing swimming pools and spas, fixing cracks in concrete and building habitats in zoos.

Gunite is what many swimming pools are made of. If you have a pool or spa built with gunite, you can build all sorts of special features into your new pool or hot tub. Because of the way gunite is formed, you can create features that will wow your guests. Gunite can be used to construct waterfalls, rock-like steps, diving rocks and even caves.

The versatility allowed by using gunite to build a swimming pool or spa can drive up the price, especially if you request unique elements as part of the construction process. The general rule of thumb is that building a swimming pool costs $50 per square foot, although this cost depends on a variety of factors. The best course of action is to get in touch with a contractor and secure a cost estimate for your project.

The process of building a swimming pool out of gunite usually takes between eight and 12 weeks, although this length can depend on such factors as local inspection requirements.

Some companies specialize in building with gunite, including building spas and swimming pools out of the material. Contractors follow several steps when they use gunite to build a swimming pool.

First, a hole is dug where the pool will go. Next, the shape of the pool is formed with wood and steel. Once the outline is in place, contractors will spray the gunite on the form to make the actual swimming pool. Once the gunite dries and plumbing is installed in the pool, special elements like rocks and waterfalls can be added. Finally, the surface of the pool can be installed. This can be made of materials such as tiles, plaster or more gunite, since what gunite is made of can be used as a surface as well. Once the surface of the pool is ready it’s ready for you to swim in.

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