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Ground Cover Shrubs

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Ground cover shrubs are known for being low to the ground and for covering a lot of space. Ground cover shrubs can include an attractive array of flowers, grow different types of fruit, have vibrant colors depending on the season, and at the same time can be used to cover up unsightly areas of soil or as a lawn-replacement in some areas of your yard where it is hard to mow.

Types of Ground Cover Shrubs

There are countless types of ground cover shrubs, so choosing the right one is a decision you should make with your landscape professional. However, there are a few types of popular ground cover shrubs you may wish to ask about:

  • The creeping cotoneaster is one of the more popular ground cover shrubs. It has stems that trail across the ground in lengths of up to several meters, but that are short in height, barely reaching 25 cm. The trails feature leaflets that are very dull to the touch, that are a very dark green, and that are circular looking. Their color in the autumn months is not nearly as bright as some other specimens and is mostly violet looking shades. The flowers are a lightish-red and they grow in two variations, either individually or in sets of two. At the end of each flower, a dark purple berry is produced. This particular shrub is very hardy and drought resistant once it's been planted. For use as a groundcover, it's best to plant them about one meter in diameter away from one another. This plant is an ideal groundcover for small areas such as rock gardens or inclines of ditches.
  • The bearberry cotoneaster is another type of ground cover shrubs and is a very rapid-growing groundcover. This shrub features stems that trail in lengths reported to extend over 3 meters, but at the same time, it's height is only about 50 cm. on average. It is one of the most popular and well known groundcovers, with a shiny looking leaf produced year round. It also produces white flowers with a pungent odor, and although the flowers are grown individually, they show up a lot in large quantities bunched together. The plant gives off a vibrant red fruit that clashes against it's dark, almost blackish-green leaflets. These are not as hardy of a shrub as the creeping cotoneaster, and in extreme winter, they may become dormant.
  • A third type of ground cover shrubs is known as the rockspray cotoneaster. This plant is viewed as potentially the best-looking cotoneaster ground cover. The plant produces a flat branching design and the branches overlay one another. It's small leaves are a very shiny green that turns a violent purple come fall. The flowers it gives off are pink, but what sticks out the most are the brilliant red fruits that are produced, sometimes in massive amounts. The shrub is capable of reaching one meter in height, with a width of about two meters. They are very hardy and resistant to violent winds, but flourish the best with a consistent sprinkling of water.

Your landscaper may also be able to provide you with additional examples of ground cover shrubs that are likely to flourish in your garden and enhance your landscaping.

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