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What Are Ground Bees?

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Bees can be a dangerous presence in your garden and around your home. To those with allergies, a bee sting can easily be fatal. However, virtually all species of bees are non-aggressive if you do not disturb them. Ground bees are a variety of bee that you are likely to see settle and nest in your lawn and garden. Ground bees are mostly harmless to people and are beneficial to the environment.

Ground Bees

The name “ground bee” comes from the fact that these insects nest in the ground and not in hives or honeycombs, like honeybees. Ground bees are solitary creatures and do not congregate in massive swarms. They are also a beneficial presence in your garden since they pollinate fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and their burrows aerate the soil.


Most ground bees that you see flying around your home and garden are males that do not have stingers. Female ground bees do have stingers, however, so it is essential that you take measures to remove the bees from your yard, especially if you are allergic to bee stings.



The easiest way to rid your yard of ground bees is to flood their nests with a hose. Take care to stand well away from the nests and spray them with a nozzle attachment. It is best to wear long pants and sleeves, gloves, and a hat when spraying the nests.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring chalky white powder that originates from shells and fossilized algae. When added to soil, it enriches the soil, but is also a deterrent to ground bees, slugs, grubs, ants, and cockroaches.


Crush eggshells and spread them around the bee burrows near your garden. The shells attract birds, which end up feeding on the ground bees and their larvae. You should only use this method if your plants are already there, as seedlings may entice the birds more than the bees. Similarly, you should avoid using eggshells on your lawn if you have grass seed down, as the birds simply eat the seeds and not the bees.


Ground bees despise the smell of garlic and actively avoid it. Planting bulbs or chives around your garden helps to prevent nesting. Most insects dislike garlic as well, so planting garlic deters more than just bees.

Bees of all kinds are invaluable to the ecosystem. Creating a natural habitat for the ground bees, away from both your garden and any well-trafficked areas is the most humane way of dealing with ground bees. The area does not require intense labor, and you only need to plant a few shrubs, bushes, or flowers in it for it to be effective. If you have any concerns about a ground bee infestation in your lawn or garden, contact a pest control professional.

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