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Greeting Card Printing

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Greeting card printing can be a useful service for both business and individual customers. A variety of printers can take your sentiments and put them on cards ready for mass mailings or for use on special occasions. Holidays and birthdays are the most common uses for greeting cards, but you can create specialized cards perfect for virtually any event you can imagine.

Greeting Card Printing for Individuals

Although most printers will set printing minimums, greeting card printing is still a valid option for individuals and families. The most common personal use of greeting cards comes during the holiday season as families send their warm wishes in the coming New Year to family, friends and business associates. Some people like to use photo cards of their family, while others prefer a generic picture with their personal signature scanned on the inside.

If you're planning to place an order for holiday greeting card printing, remember your timeline. As most holiday cards go in the mail by the first week of December, you'll want to finalize your card order with your printer by late October or mid-November, depending on their turnaround times. If you plan to include a family picture, make sure to schedule your photo session to allow enough time.

Holiday Greeting Card Printing for Businesses

If you're in the market for greeting card printing for your business, your timeline will be much the same as it is for individual buyers. The main difference is that you'll supply the greeting card printer with your corporate logo along with your order. You may also wish to order a larger quantity of cards than you need to take advantage of volume discounts. While the average family won't need 500 holiday cards, you can easily save the leftovers to send out next year – if your cards don't mention anything specific to the current year, that is.

Specialized Greeting Card Printing

Of course, businesses have more uses for greeting card printing than just at the holiday season. If your company is in the business of building solid relationships with clients, you may send out anniversary, birthday, graduation or wedding cards. Depending on the printer you use, you may be able to order a variety pack of greeting cards that include the most common occasions for celebration. It may also be appropriate to stock up on Thank You cards or cards to offer condolences.

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