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Great Interview Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer

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Answering questions is an important part of any job interview, but one thing that can really set you apart from the other applicants is your ability to ask great interview questions yourself. Here are some tips for coming up with some well-thought-out questions that will impress your potential employer.

  • Tailor your questions to the company where you're interviewing. Research the company before the interview to learn a little about its history, current activities, or recent news items, and formulate questions that are open-ended and non-confrontational. Avoid questions about controversial or potentially offensive matters.
  • Avoid asking direct, specific questions that make it sound as if you're assuming you have the position. You can inquire about the logistics of the team you'd be working with if hired, or what your first assignment would be. But you should hold off on asking about salary or benefits until after they've extended you an offer. The great interview questions are the ones that reflect your direct interest in the company and demonstrate your capability.
  • Don't ask questions to which you could easily find the answer yourself. Asking about topics that are already covered on the company's website will just give the impression that you didn't do the research.
  • Don't ask questions just for the sake of asking them. If you have no legitimate interest in the answer, then don't bother asking.

Examples of Great Interview Questions

  • How big is the team I'd be working with?
  • What sort of communication style works best with this team?
  • What are some of the challenges associated with this team?
  • What are this department's goals?
  • What are the company's objectives this year?
  • What are the biggest obstacles you hope to overcome in the next quarter?
  • What would be my first assignment?
  • What is the deadline for this project?
  • How will success for this project be measured?
  • What are the client's expectations for this project?
  • What do you think sets this company apart from its competitors?
  • What can you tell me about the culture and environment of the company?
  • Am I replacing someone, or is this a new position?
  • Does this company encourage further education?

While it's definitely helpful to have some great interview questions on deck, you should be mindful of the interviewer's mood. Try to keep the questions conversational, rather than firing them in interrogation fashion. And above all, if you sense that your questions are starting to bother the interviewer, stop asking them!

Just follow these tips, and hopefully you'll have no problem dazzling your potential employer with your great interview questions.

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