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Great Grass Care Tips

Lawn Care
Find Landscape Contractors - Free Quotes
Free Quotes from Approved Local Landscape Contractors Near You.

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful all season long doesn’t need to be difficult. So much of caring for your yard has to do with knowing what to do and how and when to do it. By following some simple tips for lawn care, you can have a lush yard to enjoy all season long. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your lawn, here are some grass care tips and hints to get you started.

  1. Give your grass the right amount of water. One of the top priorities in grass care is watering. To keep your lawn as healthy as possible, it’s important to neither underwater nor overwater your grass. In fact, grass can handle a dry spell much better than it can flooding. To determine how much your lawn is getting either from summer rains or an irrigation system, invest in rain gauges or spread cans around the lawn to measure the water accumulation. Most experts recommend ¾ to 1 inch of water at a time. Watering early in the morning is best, as there’s less wind and heat (allowing for a deeper watering), and watering at night can leave grass more susceptible to disease.
  2. Feed your lawn. Here, again, you want to give your lawn adequate nutrients, but you don’t want to overdo it. Many experts recommend 2 to 4 fertilizer applications per year: spring, summer, early fall, and after the first frost, with the spring and fall applications being the most essential. You might also look into organic fertilizing options, which can go a long way toward building a nutrient-rich soil.
  3. Aerate and dethatch regularly. This is one aspect of grass care that is often overlooked but is important nonetheless. If you have clay soil or a high amount of traffic in your yard, then aeration is a must, as it will help reestablish a healthy root system. “Thatch” refers to a layer of organic matter that tends to build up between the soil and grass, and which can prevent water and nutrients from getting to the root system. Both of these treatments can be applied yearly and produce great results.
  4. Control those weeds. Weeds compete with your lawn, establishing strong root systems that can choke out that of your grass. The healthier your grass is, the less likely weeds will get a foothold. But if you do notice weeds growing, address the problem quickly. If the weed growth is minimal, they can be pulled by hand, but larger areas may have to be treated. There are both chemical and organic weed control solutions available.
  5. Don’t forget to mow. A fundamental aspect of sound lawn care is the height at which you mow your lawn. The height of the grass blade is important, as this is where sunshine is converted into food and moisture is absorbed. Therefore, during the prime growing season, you’re better off mowing more frequently and taking off less at a time.

Proper grass care has to do with understanding the nuances of correct application and maintenance, as well as timing. Once you get into a rhythm, however, lawn care isn’t difficult, and you’ll be pleased with the results you get throughout the season.

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