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GMAT Sentence Correction Questions: What to Expect


GMAT sentence correction questions are an important part of your GMAT score, and acing this portion of the test can help to put your scores above national averages. To learn what to expect on this portion of the test, and find helpful study tips, check out the info below.

What the GMAT Sentence Correction Section Tests

GMAT sentence correction questions test English skills related to grammar and particularly style and the best use of phrases or words within a sentence. These questions do not test punctuation; rather they focus on the test taker’s knowledge on the syntax of the English language or how sentences should be constructed and worded.

Format of GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

The GMAT sentence correction portion of the test includes approximately 14 questions, randomly mixed with critical reasoning and reading comprehension questions in the GMAT Verbal section. The questions are multiple choice with 5 answers to choose from.

Each question will contain a short reading passage which is usually only a few sentences long. A portion of the sentence will be underlined, and the test taker will need to choose the answer which represents the best choice of wording or phrases in the underlined portion of the sentence.

Tips for GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

To prepare for the GMAT Verbal test, and the sentence correction questions, test takers should take as many practice tests as possible. Start with a few practice tests when you first begin prepping, and then focus on the types of questions which you may not be answering correctly. If you are having difficulties with this part of the test, a GMAT prep book and professional test prep and tutoring services may be needed to bring your potential scores up.

Try to take a few practice tests after you have studied and prepped, and then take a few more practice tests right before your official test date. Continually using practice tests will help you to focus on any areas where you need improvements, and you will be familiar with the format of the test when the test date arrives.

Because the GMAT sentence correction questions are multiple choice, and the test is timed, it is best to go through all the answers you are sure about and then come back to the ones that may require extra time or work. Always read through the entire phrase and the underlined statement, and immediately cross out multiple choice answers that do not make sense or which you know are incorrect to help increase your chances of choosing the right answers.

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