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Tips for Purchasing Glasses Online

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Retailers that sell glasses online offer a wide selection of prescription glasses and designer frames at discounted prices, but there are some do’s and don’ts for purchasing online glasses. To ensure that you are buying the right pair of glasses for your eyes and your style, follow these tips below.

Never Purchase Glasses Online Without a Valid RX

Buying a pair of glasses online with the wrong prescription will limit your quality of vision, cause headaches and may result in long term harm to the health of your eyes. Always purchase your glasses with a valid eye glass prescription – no more than one year old - that was prescribed at your last eye doctor appointment.

Never Use Glasses Online to Replace A Doctor’s Visit

Prescription glasses which are sold through online retailers are not intended to replace a visit with your eye doctor. If you are having eye difficulties or vision troubles schedule an appointment with your doctor – online stores for glasses cannot offer any medical advice or diagnose eye conditions.

Do Take Advantage of Style Advice Before You Buy Glasses Online

Retailers which market glasses online offer plenty of valuable advice and tips which can help you to find a style of glasses that will compliment your facial features. Some online retailers even have a tool where you can upload your picture and virtually ‘try on’ the glasses.

Always Research Stores Which Sell Glasses Online

Most of the online stores that feature glasses for sale are legit, but to make sure you are buying your glasses from a quality retailer take a little time out for research before you click on the buy button. Check to be sure that the online retailers have a valid customer service phone number and address, and look for online reviews about the company and their products.

Comparison Shop for Glasses Online

If you are looking for quality glasses for a low price, compare prices for glasses online before you buy. Many online retailers offer frames for similar prices, but they may have different charges for extras such as anti-scratch protection, UV protection, bifocal lenses, and thinning down the width of the lenses for stronger prescriptions.

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