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Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

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It seems like you just turned your back for a second, and your dog saw an opportunity to relieve himself on your carpet. “Grrrr,” you say. Such an act is no doubt frustrating, but there is a simple solution to cleaning the mess. Use the following tips to clean your carpet and get rid of dog urine smell.

Act quickly

The good news is that if you caught your dog in the act, you have a greater chance of removing the stain completely. Fresh stains are easier to clean up than ones that have had a chance to settle in. Whether it is an old stain or a new one, on your carpet or on your furniture, the following steps will help you remove the stain and get rid of dog urine smell.

  • Use a clean, white absorbent cloth or paper towel to blot the excess liquid. A white cloth will ensure that you do not discolor your carpet.
  • Apply pressure to the cloth for at least 30 seconds. Do not rub the cloth into the stain. Continue applying pressure until part of the cloth comes up dry from the stain.
  • Take the cloth outside and show your dog where you want him to pee. The smell on the cloth will reinforce that your dog should relieve himself outside.
  • Rinse the soiled area with cold water. Blot up the excess liquid with another clean, white cloth. Repeat a few times. Blot until the area is completely dry.
  • Use a pet neutralizing cleaner to treat the area. Follow the product’s instructions. Other cleaners will remove the stain and mask the odor, but will not completely remove traces of the urine from your carpet or upholstery – which could encourage your dog to revisit that spot the next time he has to pee.
  • Rent a wet vacuum and thoroughly treat your carpet to remove any trace amounts of urine and cleaner.

A stain that has had time to settle in will be more challenging to remove. Follow the instructions above. If you are trying to get rid of dog urine smell from an older stain, you might have to treat the carpet backing and padding to completely alleviate any traces of the smell. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner for tougher jobs.

Happy dog = clean carpet

Cleaning the soiled area completely and using neutralizers to get rid of dog urine smell will make you feel rightfully victorious. But you have only won half of the battle. The next step to keeping your carpet permanently free from dog urine is to identify what is causing your dog to pee in the house.

A new puppy will definitely require a lot of patience and time before he learns to pee outside. Most dogs cannot hold their pee until they are 12 weeks old. Take your puppy out often. Notice if he is circling the carpet or showing other signs that he needs to go out. Reward him when he does relieve himself outside. Crate your puppy or confine him to a small space where the flooring is much easier to clean.

Take your dog to the veterinarian to make sure there is not a health condition that is causing him to urinate on the carpet. Your dog could have a bladder or could be trying to tell you that something is wrong. If it turns out to be a medical condition, your veterinarian will prescribe medication. However, if your dog continues to pee on your carpet, contact the vet again to find out what other issues could be causing your dog’s behavior.

Another point to consider is that your dog may be stressed. New, unfamiliar situations, such as new faces, furniture, pets, or a new home could make your dog upset, and he could decide to take out on your carpet.

Dogs are known for wanting to please their owners. Together, you will find common ground in your quest to alleviate dog urine smell from your home. Once you determine what is causing your pooch to pee on the carpet, you will be able to communicate more effectively to him that going outside to pee is what truly makes you happy. A happy owner equals a happy dog, which should ultimately result in a urine-free home.

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