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What are the Best Types of Gate Lock?

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There are a number of different styles of gate lock available. Which one you will choose will depend upon the type of gate you have and your personal taste. Here is a run down on some of the most popular and hardwearing gate locks.

Spring Latches

Spring latches operate by means of a mechanism incorporating a tightly wound spring that allows the latch to be drawn back and then when released it forced the latch or bolt home to securely lock the gate. Though not a means of security, the spring latch enables ease of use and ensures that the gate is easily closed.

Lockable Latches

A lockable latch will provide more security than a regular latch. Lockable latches need a key to open the gate from the outside, while form the inside they may be opened with a regular latch. This type of latch locks automatically when the gate is closed. It can be used on all types of gate whether they are made from wood or metal.

Slide Bolts

A slide bolt is a simple mechanism that operates by sliding a bolt attached to the gate, into a bracket attached to the gate post. This type of latch is usually positioned on the inside of the gate so that it cannot be reached form the outside. Some slide bolts can be locked with a padlock for extra security.

Gate Thumb Latches

Gate thumb latches are available in a wide range of ornamental designs and are used on wooden gates. They have a simple mechanism which operates by depressing a small latch with the thumb. The latch raises a lever and the gate can be opened. When the latch is released, the lever lowers and the gate is securely fastened.

Gate Rim Locks

A rim lock is fitted onto the surface of the gate and operates by means of a key which slides a bold into place to lock the gate securely. Rim locks are usually made from brass or chrome and are usually fitted to metal gates.

Electric Gate Locks

Electric gates locks use an operator system that gives you complete control over your gate’s security. This type of lock is used mainly on large metal gates so you can control access to the entrance of your home. Electric locks can be operated with a remote control, a digital keypad or a swipe card.

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