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What Is Garden Catering?


Garden catering is a very specific type of catering where only food typically found in a garden is available. In addition, garden catering is typically only available from specialty catering companies and is the perfect accompaniment to several other different types of catering styles. Garden catering is ideal for vegetarian or vegan events, though you should try to offer as many food types as possible at your event. If the food availability at your event is important enough to warrant a specific style of catering, you should hire a professional planner to assist you in deciding the menu for your event. When determining whether garden catering is right for you, it can be helpful to know some information about it.

Food Options for Garden Catering

When it comes to selecting the best foods for garden catering, one limiting factor is that you must offer your guests items you can grow in a garden. This essentially means that only fruits, vegetables, and sometimes pastries or breads are typically available at most garden catering companies. Many catering companies that offer garden catering provide other styles of catering as well because garden catering has inherent limitations in the food variety and is the perfect complement to other forms of catering. Garden catering is not ideal for feeding a large group of people, though it is ideal to accompany other forms of catering. For a full menu of foods a local garden catering company can offer you, it can be helpful to contact a garden catering company.

Finding Local Garden Catering Companies

To find a garden catering company near you, you should hire a professional event planner that has experience with garden catering. Professionals have years of experience in the field and generally have go-to catering companies that they can rely on for events such as yours. Hiring a professional allows you to focus your attention on other things while the professional hires the best catering company for your needs. Although there is often an extra cost associated with hiring a professional event planner or organizer, if you are hosting an event where such a specialized type of catering is necessary, the extra cost is well worth it.

Garden catering is a method of catering in which only food from a garden is available for your guests. Garden catering often overlaps with organic, vegetarian, or vegan catering, as there are a many similarities among these. To know which type of catering is best for your event, you should consult with a professional. His or her years of experience in the business can guide him or her on the proper path towards helping you find the best company possible for your needs. For more information on garden catering, you should contact a local garden catering company.

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