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How Garbage Removal Services Work

Garbage and Recycling
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Garbage removal services take your trash to the landfills. It sounds simple, but signing on with a contractor carries a series of obligations, especially financially. In addition, learning the schedules and mastering the process will make daily life smoother. By properly using these services, you can ensure that this crucial, long-term relationship is a success.

  1. Sort your trash for garbage services, if necessary. Categories may include recyclables, if applicable, including paper, plastic and aluminum. You also need to filter our hazardous materials, electronics, tires, appliances and more that may require special disposal treatment.

    If your garbage service doesn’t accept recyclables and you want to recycle, find out locations throughout town that may accept your items. For example, your grocery store may accept plastic bags for recycling, and commonly there are dumpsters for paper recycling near schools.
  2. Learn and follow all rules and regulations for your garbage services. This includes making sure you aren’t leaving the wrong items for pick-up or throwing away too much. Learn the garbage collection schedules and the window of time in which you are encouraged to roll out and roll in your garbage bin. Find out the items what may not be accepted by your garbage company. These may include certain appliances and electronics, hazardous materials, car parts, batteries and tires.
  3. Know the cost of garbage services. In addition to pick-up charges, there likely are charges for disposal – especially items – and penalties for not following the rules. This may include losing or damaging your trash bin, throwing away the wrong items or throwing away too much garbage.

Garbage Removal Services Tips:

  • Keep your garbage bins clean. Even though they are meant for trash, routinely rinse them out with hot water and, if desired, home cleaning solution.
  • Pay attention to holidays and bad weather days, when garbage services may be interrupted.
  • To reduce the amount of garbage you throw away, consider donating or recycling eligible items. When at the store, purchase foods with less packaging and avoid using disposals such as paper plates and plastic silverware.
  • Food, clothes and toys are among the most thrown-away items that can be given a second life. Consider food banks and other charities that may accept these items.

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