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Common Garbage Pickup Regulations

Garbage and Recycling
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Call for garbage pickup as soon as you move into your home, and make sure you understand all of the details before signing on before accepting service. Confusion on matters such as pickup schedule, billing and what can be thrown away can be easily remedied by understanding the rules of engagement before moving forward with a garbage collection company. It's also a good idea to keep the phone number of your garbage collector handy in case you have any questions.

Garbage Pickup: Scheduling

Garbage companies have specific routes and schedules that they follow. Some companies offer front yard and backyard pickup. There are specific times the garbage bin must be set out and brought back into the home, and you commonly are required to bring out the garbage bin to the curb for every pick-up day. Those with physical disabilities should notify the service so that special arrangements can be made to ensure that your garbage is regularly picked up. Certain holidays and weather conditions will cause temporary interruptions in service.

Garbage Pickup: The Bins

The garbage can must be in sanitary condition. While its job is to hold garbage, it should still be regularly rinsed and sanitized. Each bin normally has a serial number and is assigned to each resident. Bins shouldn't be placed on others' property, and if the bin is damaged or stolen, the resident may have to pay for replacing it. Hazardous items such as tires, motor oil and batteries typically aren't picked up by garbage companies. Each company and/or town has their own rules for this. Residents typically will have a limit on what can be picked up by the garbage collector. Anything more, such as waste from yard cleaning, moving, spring cleaning or remodeling may require special arrangements.

Garbage Pick-Up: Payment

Garbage companies may have penalties for not following rules, keeping bins too long or exceeding the garbage weight limit. Customers should fully understand the billing and fee set-up for the company before signing the contract. Often you will hear stories of customers being charged for things they are unaware of. By having a signed, detailed contract that is understood before signing, you can avoid this problem.

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