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Full Sun Grass

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Full sun grass should be chosen for lawns that have access to full sun. Full sun is defined as having six or more hours of direct sunlight per day. Most grass seeds do well in full sun, but there are some that have been formulated for partial sun or for shade.

Not only does the homeowner have to take into consideration how much sun his or her lawn gets, he or she must also take into consideration the type of use of the lawn. Will children be playing on the yard? Does the homeowner have pets that will be in the yard?


If the homeowner prefers a turfgrass, his or her lawn must receive full sun. Turfgrasses that prefer full sun may survive in partial sun, but the grass will be stressed, making it more susceptible to disease, pests and fungi. If most of the lawn does not receive full sun, a better choice would be a grass mixture formulated to handle some shade. Once disease affects the lawn, the homeowner must then add fungicides to control the fungi. He or she will have to continuously spray for fungi in these areas. If this is an area where children and pets play, spraying for fungi is sometimes not an option, unless using organic fungicides. Pests will also affect stressed grasses that do not get full sun when needed.

An option for full sun grass, when dappled or full sun is not available, is to plant a mixture of full sun grass and grass that is formulated for shade, or plant some other type of ground cover in shady areas.

Full sun grass will usually grow in an area that gets dappled sun all day long, but may become stressed. Partial sun is defined as at least four hours of sun per day, but fewer than six hours of direct sun per day.

Caring for Full Sun Grass

In order to provide at least dappled sun all day for lawns, trees providing shade, shrubs and other landscaping plants should be pruned. The homeowner can cut out small limbs, suckers and twigs from the tree canopies or prune the larger, lower limbs so that more light is able to filter through the tree. This will allow full sun grass to grow with less stress. Depending on the location of the tree within the yard, even pruning just the lower limbs can create a whole new area of yard that will accept full sun grass. If you must remove entire branches, remove the branches at the trunk, so that the tree is able to heal properly.

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