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What Does FSBO Mean?

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FSBO is an acronym that means For-Sale-By-Owner. it is commonly used in real estate in order to signify a house that is being sold by the owners of the home, instead of by a professional, certified and licensed real estate owner. Before deciding to list your home FSBO, or if you are considering a FSBO home, there are some things you need to know.

FSBO Homes

When you are selling your home, you may want to list it as FSBO in order to save on commission. However, it is important to remember several factors before you make the choice to list the home as FSBO. First, it can be difficult for a homeowner to properly price a house. While you can compare the real estate with nearby properties that have sold in order to get a rough idea, no two homes are identical. Your home may have features that the other house doesn't or may be in better condition.

If you under price your home, you may lose money that you could have earned from the sale if the home was priced properly. If you overprice your home, you might scare buyers away. An experienced real estate agent knows how to best price homes and knows what will and won't sell. Thus, even if you are committed to going the FSBO route, you should speak with real estate agent who can help you determine price and valuation.

You will also need to do much more of the work yourself if you decide to sell your home FSBO. You will need to write an advertisement that highlights the best features, and likely create an Internet ad with pictures and details for perspective borrowers. You may also want to consider hosting an online virtual tour, since many perspective buyers won't even go and see a home unless they can see details online beforehand. You'll also need to get your home noticed by buyers and buyers' agents by listing the home in the multiple listing service (MSL) and other online classified ads. There may be a fee for listing your home on the MLS.

Once you have interested buyers, you'll need to show the home. Instead of having a real estate agent to give a guided tour, you will need to. You may also need to host open houses in order for potential buyers to be interested in coming to see the house.

Ultimately, well FSBO may seem as if it will save you money in commissions, in the long run, the time you spend, the potential for a reduced price, and the amount of work that goes into selling a home often makes FSBO homes not as great of a deal for sellers.

Buyers, too, may have a hard time finding a FSBO home, especially if the homeowner didn't list or advertise the home properly. Still, if a buyer is able to find an FSBO home, he may be able to negotiate with the seller or get better price, especially since the seller is not paying a real estate agent commission for a seller's agent.

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