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Frost Blankets

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Frost blankets can help prevent winter damage to your plants. Freeze damage to plant life usually happens between the temperatures of 32 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but it all depends on the type of plant. Temperatures exceeding 20 degrees will definitely cause a high level of freeze damage. Staying at this cold a temperature for a long period of time can cause very serious damage or even death to your plants.

Using Frost Blankets

If you're watching the weather report and its calling for overnight freeze, you'll want to cover up your plants as soon as possible, by sunset at the latest. Using materials such as frost blankets, can help protect your plants from freezing. Frost blankets protect your plants and shrubs from the harsh winter weather while at the same time allowing water and other nutrients easy access to your plants.

Frost blankets can also prevent a rapid germination, and elongate the lifespan of your plants. They can be purchased at your local Home Depot or Lowe's and come in retail boxes as well as in bulk. Not only can they be used to protect from the winter weather, you can use them for a germination cover, flower and bulb protection, as well as covering the greens at your local golf course or driving range. The fabric material is also ultra violet resistant so frost blankets can even protect your plants from excessive sunlight.

Before you cover up your plants, you'll want to correlate the weight of the blanket to the size and tolerance of the plant. Don't use plastic or rubber, unless it's a special frost protection plastic, to throw over a plant because if it comes into direct contact with the plant, it will freeze to it.

They also make some larger applications of frost blanket, specific for large woody plants. Freeze damage that happens on woodier plants can be seen by the browning of the leaves, or a part of the stem can be seen decaying or rotting. If severe enough, the freeze can result in the death of part of or the entire stem.

All pruning should be put on-hold until after the risks of the damage has passed. If you're pruning a damaged plant after a freeze risk passes, prune or clip until you find healthy tissue. Larger trees can also provide a great protector from the elements, as can your porch. If you have plants in a pot, bring them under the roof of the porch, or even in the garage, because they're more prone to freezing when they're exposed.

Your landscape company may be able to provide you with frost blankets, or advice on using frost blankets. Many landscape maintenance services will even place frost blankets on plants for customers when a frost seems imminent or to aid in plant growth.

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