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Find Freelance Writing Work

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Writing can be great fun but unless you know how to use it to make money you will never make a career out of it. Freelance writing work is readily available if you have a talent for it and you know where to find it.

Where to Look for Freelance Writing Work

The Internet is your number one resource for freelance writing work. It is rich with websites for writers that not only advertise freelance writing gigs but also give you advice on how to maintain a freelance writing business. Not only do many freelance writing sites have job boards, several of them also have daily or weekly newsletters that you can subscribe to, so that you can have freelance writing jobs delivered straight to your email box. This saves a lot of time searching through the web for up to date jobs.

Freelance writing forums are another good resource for freelance writing work. Forums get regular postings form writers who are sharing contact information for prospective employers, publishers and agents. Forums are also a good place to find warnings about unscrupulous publishing companies.

Another type of website for freelance writing work is the bid-for-hire job site. In this case employers post a freelance writing project description and writers are invited to bid for the gig. When the deadline is up the employer chooses the most suitable candidate. These sites are very competitive and the rates for the projects tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum.

How to Promote your Freelance Writing Work

Every freelance writer must have a website. Your website should detail your writing experience, list your publications and have a range of samples or links to where your work is published online. This gives prospective clients an opportunity to check out your professional portfolio. Keep your website up to date and revamp it periodically so it always offers something fresh and new.

Many writers maintain a blog whereby they can inform their loyal readers of the latest updates and new publications. You should also make the most of social networking to publicize your freelance writing work and to promote your latest publications.

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