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Free Speed Test Websites

Computer and Internet Services

Many users want to know the real speed of their broadband Internet connections. Many free speed test websites are available online. These speed tests normally use multimedia software plug-ins to run the test and show results within the browser.

For very high speed broadband connections like fiber optic Internet service and Very Fast DSL, some speed tests cannot accurately measure their speed. So it’s important to find a speed test site that is both reliable and accurate.

Finding a Free and Reliable Speed Test

When looking for an accurate speed test website, look for one that does not resell broadband Internet services. Resellers may have financial motive, and therefore have some conflict of interest.

The most popular free speed test websites have millions users a month, from around the world. Companies who run reliable free speed test sites may also consult on behalf broadband providers, nonprofits, governments, corporations, schools and other entities about speed testing and network diagnostic applications.

The most accurate and popular free speed test websites always let users know about the true limits of their speed tests. A good test site should always invest in their testing their infrastructure and improving their methodology. Ideally, they should always be looking for ways to improve their testing and make it more accurate.

Free Smartphone Speed Test

New free speed tests are now available for smartphones. These mobile applications allow users to find out how fast their smartphones are really are. Most of these new software applications are still early or beta versions. Users must download the speed test application and then run the test.

The US government also has made accessibility of broadband Internet services across the whole country a major priority. The FCC has set up a website at, which details the national plan to expand broadband coverage and the reasons why this change is necessary. Consumers can also fill out a form to inform the FCC about any areas in the country where broadband is not available.

The Consumer Broadband Test is designed to give consumers more information about their broadband connection speed. On this beta site, free speed tests by two different vendors are offered. The FCC also asks users for their street addresses so they can further analyze the collected data by location.

Free Ping Tests

Another quick and free test that users can run is a ping test. This test is designed to find out about the quality of a broadband connection. This ping test also looks at key measurements such a packet loss and if there is any delay in sending data. The quality of a broadband connection can affect services like VOIP, streaming video/audio, and online gaming. Free ping test websites are also available online.

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