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How to Obtain Free Antibiotics

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For many Americans, purchasing antibiotics to heal infections, colds, and other illnesses is not an option. Uninsured Americans often cannot afford the high costs associated with visiting a doctor and purchasing a prescription when they are sick, and even some people with health insurance cannot afford the cost of purchasing name-brand antibiotics. In some cases, it is possible to receive free antibiotics, as you can sometimes obtain these from your doctor or pharmacy. Therefore, it can help to know some available options for receiving free antibiotics, which can be extremely useful if you cannot afford medication.

Obtain Free Antibiotics through Your Doctor

Almost every day, doctors’ offices receive samples of name-brand medications from pharmaceutical representatives. In many cases, you can obtain these from your doctor if he or she has samples of an antibiotic that can treat your illness. This can be extremely helpful, as many of the samples your doctor has can cost you hundreds of dollars if you do not have health insurance. Obtaining samples is also an excellent way for you to try an antibiotic to ensure it works before you purchase a larger quantity of it.

Obtain Free Antibiotics through Your Pharmacy

As more people have come to rely on prescription drugs regularly, pharmacies have become increasingly popular and widespread. To retain current customers and obtain new ones, many pharmacies have begun to offer plans that allow you to receive free—or extremely low-cost—prescriptions on certain generic drugs, some of which may include antibiotics. Most major pharmacies have this program and can provide you with a complete list of medications the plan covers. While some pharmacies only allow you to take advantage of such a plan if you do not have existing health insurance, others simply require you to pay a small yearly fee to take part in the program.

If you have a weak immune system or require antibiotics regularly, it can be helpful to explore some options that provide you with free antibiotics. The best resources for receiving free antibiotics are your doctor and pharmacy, so you should consult both to determine whether free medications are an option.

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