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Understanding Four Year Old Behavior

Preschools and Kindergartens

Understanding four year old behavior is essential to your child's development. Each child develops differently, but there are some commonalities that most four-year-olds share. Most four year olds are active and inventive. This can be the year they really understand humor, and they often act silly and want to share jokes. They may make up silly words, and they may start to use profanity. They laugh a lot, and make exaggerations. They want to try new things, and they are usually self-confident. They may try dangerous or strange tricks, so you need to watch them closely.

Four Year Old Intellectual Development

Look for many of these developments in your typical four year old. They should be able to recognize simple words or phrases and speak in fairly complex sentences. They ask a lot of questions. They can recognize letters, and often print their name, can arrange objects by size and understand basic concepts. They understand their daily routine, and can name colors and shapes, enjoys singing songs and rhyming, they develop a longer attention span and finish activities instead of abandoning them, and can follow directions. They understand when they accomplish something, and they develop memories of these accomplishments, and they may add unique endings to words, such as "I went-ed to the park."

Four Year Old Physical Development

Your four-year-old should be between 37 and 46 inches tall, and weigh 27 to 50 pounds. They need at least ten to twelve hours of sleep every night, and they can feed themselves with the proper silverware. They can usually dress themselves, along with brushing their teeth, combing their hair, washing themselves, and hanging up their clothes. They are extremely active, and are developing motor skills, such as walking a straight line, jumping over small objects, running, hopping, galloping, turning somersaults, and catching and throwing a ball. They can ride and pedal a tricycle, and make shapes out of clay or play dough. They can thread beads on a string, and they enjoy being active and taking chances.

Four Year Old Social Development

Most four-year-olds enjoy sharing and playing with other children, and they look for adult approval. They can understand and play by the rules, but they may change those rules in their own favor, too. They like to talk, and they constantly ask questions. They understand jealousy, and they can be show offs. They may be afraid of the dark, and they understand the concept of danger. They may become tattle tales, and use profanity or other bad language. They will have temper tantrums, and they enjoy pretending. Understand your four year old behavior is the key to raising a healthy and happy child.

The information contained in this article should not be construed as medical advice, and those with questions about child development should talk to their pediatrician or other medical professional.

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