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Dealing with Flue Liner Damage

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Chimneys are doubly valued in homes for the warmth they provide and the relaxing atmosphere they can evoke. The downside of having a chimney is the cleanup. A flue liner is an excellent measure for reducing the mess to be cleaned at the end of winter.

A flue liner is a fire-proof resistant lining inside the chimney that resembles a long vent hose. Liners are fairly cheap and can be installed by a homeowner in most situations. It comes in different styles and is built from different metals like aluminum or stainless steel. For a liner to last all winter long, it must be made from quality metal.

Liners help keep a home's air healthier and cleaner by directing smoke outside the home and keeping fireplace gases from entering. They also serve to contain a fire from spreading through a house if the chimney develops cracks.

But these liners can be damaged and made ineffective. They are susceptible to the heat shock of a chimney fire. Lightning can hit the edge of a chimney during an electrical storm, causing major damage. You will know that a liner is leaking and/or damaged if you see or smell smoke inside your house in the area of the fireplace. When a flue liner is damaged, carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases can enter a home.

A damaged or leaking flue liner must be immediately replaced. Insurance companies will typically cover the cost of a new liner if the chimney is struck by lightning or a chimney fire breaks out. A professional chimney sweep must be hired to conduct a thorough inspection and determine if a liner has been cracked or damaged. The inspection can involve the use of a video monitoring system, which reveals any degradation in the mortar between chimney tiles and cracks in the tiles as well.

A flue liner is well worth its cost for the safety and benefits it provides to a home. But when damaged, it can be extremely hazardous and must be replaced as soon as possible to prevent serious injury to your family and damage to your home.

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