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Flowers and Meanings

Flowers and Florists
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Every society has different meanings for specific flowers. "Giving" is the universal statement of flowers. Smaller comments come through the type of flower, the number of flowers, the color of the flowers and possibly the occasion. For example, yellow roses mean, ?I'll always remember.?

Lady Mary Wortley may have been the first popular writer to write about flowers and their meanings in 1717. The first printed flower dictionary, Le Langage des Fleurs by Mme Charlotte de la Tour was published in 1818. The dictionary first became popular in England during the reign of George IV and continued into the reign of Queen Victoria. According to the dictionary, Clematis speaks of cleverness and intellect, while the Morning Glory represents love and affection.

Colors of flowers add to the mystery of their meaning. Red flowers mean passion and energy and are often chosen by sweethearts who have the red hot passion part in mind. Bright blue flowers are the perfect color for harmony and tranquility, while darker blue flowers represent a deep, stormy soul. Yellow flowers, from dandelions to sunflowers, make people smile. We give yellow flowers as a promise to remember and as a sign of loyalty and friendship. The gift of violet colored flowers says you are special and part of the perfect circle of harmony and love.

Flowers meaning patience and love can be found in a rainbow basket of asters. Anemones in a bowl bring the anticipation of good luck. And of course there are specific anniversary flowers to commemorate each milestone wedding anniversary.

The natural art represented in flowers appeals to the artistic aptitude of the floral designer. The field of floristry, particularly the area of design, studies tradition and adapts traditional ideas with current style to please the customers, while enjoying the creativity of arranging flowers. Most florists can explain popular flowers and their meanings. Tell your florist what you want and let their art create your message with flowers.

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