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Choosing the Flowers in an Arrangement

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The flowers in an arrangement say a lot, and even though you might not know that red roses represent passion, or white lilies symbolize purity, you probably do know that an orange gerbera daisy isn't usually going to work too well with a pink chrysanthemum.

Successful Ways to Use Flowers in an Arrangement

When you're planning your flower arrangements, consider these things:

Flowers have a language. Throughout history and literature, the secret language of flowers has established certain varieties as significant for love, remembrance or special tributes to children, parents, or fallen soldiers. If you want your blooms to have special meaning or top-secret significance, explore the ways flowers speak.

There are whole websites devoted to the language of flowers, but if you want a quick primer, many online florists will have a section on flower meanings, together with suggestions for particular occasions. You can even find flowers specific to the 12 astrological signs.

Flowers and color. Using color in flower arranging is a no brainer, but there are a number of approaches that may not be obvious. The color wheel can really help you here. A layout of the colors of the rainbow that will show you which colors are similar, related or complimentary can help you balance your blooms and create either a restful, lively or bold display. Using color wisely is at the core of successful flower arranging, so learn your colors for creative designing.

Texture and neutrals in color arranging are your friends. It's true that a riot of different flowers looks good in a simple bouquet, and garden bounty is nice to have around no matter how it's arranged. When you want to structure your arrangements to suit a style of décor, though, like to fit a specific vase or work as a centerpiece, texture can be a big help.

To appreciate an arrangement, the eye needs a place to focus and a place to rest. It's a function of the natural equilibrium among elements in nature and in crafting decorative presentations too. When you put your flower arrangements together, remember to provide greenery with different shapes, shades and textures. Your flowers will look better for it.

Choosing the right flowers in an arrangement and showing them to advantage is an art as well as a craft, and after you master a few basics, your blooms will look as good on your table as they did in the florist's case.

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