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What is Fishing Tackle?


Fishing tackle is the broad term that refers to the equipment that is used by anglers when they go fishing, and almost anything can fall into the category. Fishing tackle comprises rods, reels, hooks, lines, sinkers, bait, lures, waders, and a place to keep it all – the tackle box. While fishing tackle refers to the equipment itself, fishing technique refers to how the equipment is used.

A sub-category of fishing tackle is that which is referred to as terminal tackle. This is equipment that is used at the end of the fishing line – lures, bait, hooks, sinkers, and more.

How to buy fishing tackle

For the experienced angler, buying fishing tackle involves expanding, replacing, and/or improving on what is already owned. For the novice fisher, though, getting started in the sport cab be overwhelming and, without proper guidance, cost prohibitive. With the plethora of options available, an angling initiate is best served by working with a reputable tackle vendor who has the knowledge to guide and keep costs under control.

What to buy

The basics of fishing tackle are the rod, the reel, the fishing line, and hooks and lures or bait. Some additional equipment may be needed but that will not be known until final decisions are made. When first looking to acquire equipment, it is important to have a general idea of what type of fish the angler will try to catch, where he or she will fish for them, and at what time of year most of the fishing will be done. The more specialized fishing becomes, equipment specialization will naturally follow.

The basics

When putting together basic freshwater tackle, it is best to choose equipment manufactured by reliable companies. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and being cheap at the register may get expensive if the equipment does not hold up. Work with a vendor to find equipment that is sturdy and moderately priced. Properly cared for, this equipment can last for generations.

Buying a rod

The fishing rod is one of the most prominent pieces of tackle. They vary in length, purpose, and materials. For the beginner, a moderately priced fiberglass rod, with medium flexibility will give great service. Look for one that has ceramic linings in the guides to reduce line abrasion.

Buying a reel

Fishing reels are the most complicated pieces of fishing tackle needed. Their primary purpose is to hold the line and aid in casting the line and retrieving it (hopefully with a fish on the end). Look for reels that are mostly metal in construction, have a high number of ball bearings (for smoothness and durability) a variable gear ratio, and an anti-reverse handle.

Buying fishing line

The line you buy will depend on what type of fishing you will be doing. Recreational fishing requires only six or eight pound test, which will handle most demands.

Buying the rest

The remainder of the fishing tackle you buy depends entirely on what you are after. The larger and more aggressive the prey, the sturdier your equipment must be. For smaller, less aggressive fish, lighter tackle will suffice.

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