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Fish Emulsion: A Great Fertilizer

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Fish emulsion is an organic fertilizer made from byproducts of fish oil and fish meal. It has many uses in the garden, but it is especially useful as a lawn fertilizer in early spring. It also has great nutrient value for leafy green vegetables, due to its high nitrogen content. Many gardeners have discovered fish emulsion lately, and they are enthusiastic about its quality as an organic fertilizer. Here are some useful points about this fertilizer.

Fish emulsion is a concentrate, which you dilute with water and apply to your lawn or garden. It is made from fish scraps, which are steeped in water for several months. Some fish fertilizers are concentrated to the point that they become more like a gel or a paste. These types of emulsions need more dilution, because they are more concentrated.

Advantage of fish emulsion

An advantage to fish fertilizer is that it contains a milder nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium content than commercial fertilizers, so it won’t burn plants. It is also rich in nutrients and minerals like iron, boron, and zinc, which are necessary for the best growth for many vegetables and ornamentals.

As you can imagine from the way it is manufactured, fish emulsion has a strong fishy smell. It is best not to get the emulsion on your hands or clothing. Once you dilute the fish emulsion with water and apply it to the soil, the smell fades quickly. There are also deodorized versions of fish emulsion that you can buy.

Disadvantage of fish emulsion

One disadvantage of fish emulsion is that its effects do not last long. This means that it needs to be applied more frequently than inorganic fertilizers. Also, many gardeners have learned to supplement fish emulsion with chemical fertilizers for plants like bananas that need extra nutrition.

The micronutrients in fish emulsion fertilizer are great for early-season plant growth, and gardening professionals often recommend an early application in cool spring weather, to help give small plants a strong start. It has been proven to help seedlings grow into strong, sturdy transplants. Adding fish emulsion when you plant seedlings is similar to the ancient practice of putting a small fish in the ground with seeds.

Fish emulsion is excellent as one ingredient in a comprehensive gardening plan, and it can be a safe, organic tool in your gardening arsenal. Consult with your garden center or nursery about ways you can use fish emulsion effectively.

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