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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and Water Damage and Restoration
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The process of fire damage restoration involves putting your life and your possessions back as they were before the fire ruined occurred. With fire damage restoration, your home, furniture and possessions are restored, if possible, saving you the expense of having to repurchase or recreate them.

Following a fire, the first step is to call your insurance company and have them survey the damage. Once you know what the insurance company will pay for, that will determine your budget and give your fire damage restoration company an idea of any funding limitations. In some cases, the insurance company will reimburse you either before or after you pay the fire damage restoration company of your choice, or your insurance company may require you to select a service provider and they will pay that vendor directly.

Next, the fire damage restoration company will work with you to determine what can be restored and what cannot. The first concerns will be whether or not the structure of your home is sound. Your restoration company will complete a survey of the building and check for foundational flaws that may have occurred during the fire. If they decide that your home can be rebuilt on the same foundation, they will clear that expense with your insurance company and you.

An examination of personal property is next to decide if any of the post-fire flaws are fixable. While the fire damage restoration company may not be able to fix the personal property directly, they may know of a service or company that can and may arrange shipping and transportation of the items to that company. As with the work on your home, the cost of this will be reviewed with both you and your insurance company.

There may be some items in your home that have escaped damage but need to be moved during cleanup and restoration. Your restoration company can provide for packing and storage of these items off site to ensure their continued safety.

Once the fire damage restoration is complete, your home should be as safe as it was when you first moved in—if not safer. You should not be able to find any traces of fire, smoke or water in the home.

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