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How to Estimate Fire Damage Costs

Fire and Water Damage and Restoration
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Fire damage is a tragic event that can disrupt your life for weeks or even months. In addition to cleaning the damage and discarding the unsalvageable items, you must also calculate the total fire damage costs. This includes trash disposal, equipment rental, professional fees, restoration costs, and more. Hiring a professional makes a multi-step procedure such as calculating fire damage costs much easier.

Call Your Insurance Company for Fire Damage Costs

Consult your homeowner’s insurance company to have an adjustor come out and survey the damage. Based on the areas of your home that the fire has damaged, the extent of the damage, the approximate current market value of your home, and many other variables, your insurance covers a varying amount of damage. These specific values are only for your house, so you must calculate the fire damage costs of everything else separately; however, your insurance may cover the cost of hiring a full-service restoration company to assist you.

Include Your Lost Possessions when Calculating Fire Damage Costs

Among other things to include in fire damage costs are your possessions. You must add the cost of anything that the fire damages to such an extent that you must discard it. Hiring a professional restoration company to solve these problems easily is a good idea. Even though you must pay for the professionals in addition to the other costs, it is worth it since professionals have the experience necessary to prevent damage to your other items.

Calculate Repairs with Fire Damage Costs

You should also include the repair and restoration of your home in your fire damage costs, which you should hire a professional to do. You should include the costs of repairing or restoring anything that the fire has only partially damaged, and the cost of removing smoke odor from your home, since it can embed itself in every surface and every object in your home. Other things that you should include in fire damage costs are repainting and roof repair costs. In addition, if your home is historical or hi-tech, then you need to factor these costs in as well, since they can be higher.

Professional services exist to assist you in calculating fire damage costs. After consulting your insurance company, consider contacting a professional restoration company to help you with everything else. After a tragic event such as a fire, you may not be able to handle a task that includes categorically reducing all of your priceless lost objects into numbers. For more information about fire damage costs, how to calculate them, or the professional services available to help you, contact your insurance provider.

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