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Fire Clean Up

Fire and Water Damage and Restoration
Fire & Water Damage Cleaning & Restoration
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Fire clean up can be a huge undertaking after a fire occurs in or near your home or office. Unfortunately, your home does not actually have to bear the brunt of a fire in order for fire clean up to become necessary. Wildfires and brushfires that occur near your residence can cause smoke stains or damage and you may also notice small burns from sparks that have made their way to your home. Luckily, this surface damage, while frustrating, is more easily remedied than a full fire clean up.

Whether a fire in or outside of your home has affected your home's condition, there are some important points to remember when attempting to complete a fire clean up. First, all linens and textiles should be cleaned (unless they are fire damaged) in order to get out possibly toxic odors. It is always best to have a professional evaluate the situation and determine the best method of cleaning in order to salvage your possessions and avoid health complications from mixing cleansers with possible toxic substances that may be found in your textiles.

Any salvageable carpets or area rugs, mattresses or cushioned furniture will need to be steam cleaned by a professional. You should also call in a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist to clean out the ductwork and check the whole heat/air system before you use it again.

Furniture that is not burned but has smoke or soot on it may be able to be restored. In order to prevent the growth of mold spores in your home, make sure your fire clean up plan includes mopping or wet vacuuming any standing water and allowing wet furniture to dry thoroughly.

If your electricity was turned off during the fire, it is possible that your perishable food items are not good and need to be discarded. Canned food products may still be good if the heat from the fire did not cause them to burst or bulge. These canned goods should be washed thoroughly before being eaten in order to remove any particles of soot or smoke or any airborne toxic chemical.

While many fires cause irreparable damage to homes, possessions and heirlooms, not every item that appears unsalvageable actually is. In order to determine which of your belongings can be saved, be sure to call a professional fire clean up service. Donít needlessly discard furniture, books and mementos without first finding out if they are able to be salvaged.

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