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Find Nanny Candidates

Parenting and Child Care

Parents often have to search to find a great nanny. It’s important to find a reliable nanny, since all the responsibility for caring for the children falls on her, and often times the nanny is alone with the children. Unlike a daycare center, a nanny has no other staff members around to help her with her work if there is an emergency.

Nanny Contracts and Pay

Parents need to understand that the nanny is an employee, and not a family member. Parents should write up a simple contract that states the hours, schedule, benefits, perks and benefits. The family and the nanny should come to an agreement on what tasks are included in the nanny’s job description. For example, some nannies are willing to drive the kids to certain activities and make them lunch, but not do housework.

Salaries for nannies start at about $350 a week for full time work, or about $9 an hour for part time work, depending on the responsibilities involved. In large metro areas like Manhattan or San Francisco where high quality nannies are at a premium, the rate may also be higher. Parents should also watch out for any tax implications of hiring a nanny; many parents end up in trouble with the IRS over hiring a full-time nanny. Parents consult a tax expert before hiring someone full time.

Community Resources

Often times, families rely on personal referrals to find a great independent nanny who gets along with their kids and lives nearby. Families who want to find a nanny can first look locally, in their local newspaper, parenting magazines and other publications. Bulletin boards or newsletters for schools, colleges and churches may offer some job leads. Applicants should ask their friends and family as well. Youth centers, religious communities, kids’ gyms, extracurricular classes, public libraries, schools, kids clothing stores and other kid-centric places may also have flyers or ads for a nanny looking for work.

Local Nanny Agencies

Parents can also go to local nanny agencies. Nanny agencies screen and interview applicants and match them with assignments that the family’s job listing. The agency can help the family and the nanny with the hiring process. The nanny agency should be recommended by a professional organization, like the International Nanny Association (INA) or the Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies. However, nanny agencies charge parents placement fees for their services, so it can be a more expensive option.

Regardless of which method parents use to find nanny candidates, they should still meet the nanny in person. Parents should interview all candidates, get references and complete a state or national background check before hiring someone.

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