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Find a Nanny

Parenting and Child Care

Many parents look at their daycare options, and then decide they would prefer to find a nanny, who would come to their home and watch their children. Next, parents must decide if they want a live-in or live out nanny. A live in nanny lives in the house with the family, and the family covers the nanny living expenses as part of the overall benefits package. A live out nanny may have a higher standard rate per an hour or salary rate, but the nanny is responsible for their own living expenses.

Nanny Contracts and Other Obligations

Before starting work, the family and the nanny need to go over a contract that states the hours, schedule, benefits, perks and benefits. The family and the nanny should come to an agreement on which tasks are included in the nanny’s job description.

Salaries for nannies start at about $350 a week for full time work, or about $9 an hour for part time work, depending on the responsibilities involved. More experienced nannies with extra training or specialized experience often command higher pay. Parents should also have their tax consultant look out for any tax implications of hiring a nanny.

Community Resources

Parents who want to find a nanny may contact a local community college, college or university about posting a job at their student job center or bulletin boards on campus. Many parents like to hire early education or nursing majors who need a part time job to make some extra money. This way, they can find a nanny who likes to work with kids and may already have some CPR training.

Online Options

Online, parents can go to different websites like Craigslist or other general classified websites to advertise for a nanny. Another option is for parents to find a nanny is to register on nanny websites like,, or First, parents search for profiles by location. Then parents pay a fee to get access to references, reviews, contact information or background checks, they must sign up a membership. Prices can range from $49 to $299 for a 1 month up to 1 year membership.

Regardless of which method parents use to find a nanny, they should still meet the nanny in person. Parents should interview all candidates, get references and complete a state or national background check before hiring someone. The kids and parents should trust the babysitter, and they should bond well together.

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