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Feng Shui Decorating

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Feng Shui decorating for the beginner needs to start with one room. This is not a task to be undertaken for the whole house all at once but rather a small step by small step process. This is all about the energy or chi in your home and is a way of decorating that will bring in joy and harmony.

Feng Shui decorating will bring in the best energy for whatever the activity planned for a specific room. For example, an office may need high energy for creativity and success. The bedroom, on the other hand needs to radiate serenity and tranquility for sleep as well as passion for obvious reasons as well.

The very first step in Feng Shui decorating is to rid clutter from your life. This blocks positive chi and as with any décor, clutter detracts from the beauty and harmony of any space. While the purpose of Feng Shui decorating is to bring peace and harmony into your living environment, clutter of course invites chaos and frustration.

The Importance of Color in Feng Shui Decorating

Color is very important in Feng Shui decorating in bringing in elements of nature and the universe into your space. Deep vibrant reds which are representative of fire are very high energy and should be added as accents rather than entire wall colors as for example in a bedroom where the color red may create restlessness and anxiety. Red is excellent in the southern Feng Shui area.

Purple is another very high vibration color and Feng Shui decorators advise that it be used sparingly. The use of lighter tones of purple, such as lavender may be used in small amounts.

Bright and energetic orange is great in kitchens that are the family’s gathering place or in children’s play rooms. This social color is said to promote good times and lively conversation. Orange may be used in the south and southwest Feng Shui areas.

Yellow lightens and brightens a room like the morning sun and is a warm, welcoming color. There are many shades of yellow to choose from. Sizzling to soft and light brings in the happy sunshine. Yellow is said to increase self esteem and create a sense of well being. It should be used in the east and southeast regions of the Feng Shui decorated home.

Pink is said to be soothing and calming as well as a color promoting love and romance. When combined with green, pink’s soothing properties are enhanced. The ‘retro’ look of pink and black bring in the elements of fire and water, creating a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. In Feng Shui decorating, pink should be used in the southwest area of the home.

The Energy of Feng Shui

There are many other things to look at in Feng Shui decorating. Furnishings, though not necessarily minimal, must not be ‘packed’ into a space. There must be a free flow for energy. For example empty corners are areas in which it is said that energy can be trapped. The placement of certain objects or plants in those corners will eliminate this.

Long, narrow hallways are another problem area and can be corrected with art objects on the walls or the placement of plants or statuary.

One space at a time being transformed by Feng Shui decorating can bring peace, harmony and unity into your home.






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