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Fake Diamond Earrings

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Fake diamond earrings can dazzle and sparkle just like real diamond earrings, but will they fool your friends? That may depend on the type of fake diamonds you purchase – whether you buy synthetic or simulant diamonds – and on the quality of materials and workmanship which are used to create the earrings.

Simulant Fake Diamond Earrings

If you are looking for low-cost bling, simulant diamond earrings will provide plenty of affordable flash and fire. Simulant fake diamond earrings are made from artificial and natural materials which include cubic zirconia, rhinestone or moissanite, but they may not always fool your friends.

Rhinestone earrings have lower light reflective qualities than real diamonds – they may sparkle and shine but they lack the multi-faceted depths which are seen in real diamonds. Cubic zirconia and moissanite tend to have brilliance and fire qualities which exceed that of natural diamonds, so earrings made with these simulants may have a ‘disco ball’ light effect that does not occur in real diamond earrings.

However, simulant diamond earrings are often made with quality metals such as gold, silver and even platinum. When taken care of properly, these earrings will be enjoyed for many years and they are the perfect jewelry accessories for a fun night out on the town.

Synthetic Fake Diamond Earrings

If you are looking for fake diamond earrings that look identical to real diamond earrings, you’ll want to buy earrings made with synthetic lab grown diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are almost chemically identical to real diamonds. They look exactly like real diamonds, and no one will know that these earrings are made with synthetic diamonds – unless you tell them!

Synthetic diamond earrings will cost more than simulant diamond earrings, but they cost a lot less than real diamonds earrings. Depending on the type of materials which are used to create the earrings, you may be able to find a beautiful pair of synthetic earrings for less than $200 dollars; large carat diamond synthetic earrings or color diamond synthetic earrings may cost $500 dollars or more.

Synthetic fake diamond earrings may be purchased through companies which specialize in lab grown diamond jewelry. Businesses which market lab grown diamond jewelry now offer a huge selection of styles, colors and diamond cuts along with custom design options.

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