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Destinations For European Vacations


European vacations hold a special mystique for travelers. The Old World is a place of rich culture and long history, a place of heritage for many American vacationers. Its fifty nations offer a wealth of sophistication and learning … as well as their own unique popular culture. Which to visit first, then?

The United Kingdom

The UK is probably the most familiar to American vacationers, but still offers the refreshing change for which European vacations are sought. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland together offer a treasure trove of fun and excitement; one could plan a dozen UK vacations and still not see everything.

A UK vacation should probably start in London, where travelers can visit a variety of sites, including Westminster, the famed Tower of London, and the National Gallery. Travelers might also like to visit Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the UK’s cultural centers.


Other than the UK, the most popular destination for European vacations is undoubtedly France. When people think of France, they think of Paris, of cool vineyards and beautiful art galleries. While one should always consider Paris first for a French vacation, don’t discount the French Riviera for cruises and fine beaches, or Cannes for one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals.


Italy is another popular site for European vacations. The birthplace of the Renaissance is as known for its art and opera as it is for delicious cuisine and fine wine. Rome is home to a great deal of the nation’s art, as well as many relics of the Roman Empire for students of history. Venice is famed for its canals, while Milan is one of the world’s centers of fashion.


Germany is rarely the first place people think of for European vacations, and that’s a shame. Germany is home to as rich a cultural heritage as anywhere else in Europe, from the fairy-tale beauty of Neuschwanstein Castle to the familiar fun of Oktoberfest. It’s not all beer and history, though. The capital of Berlin is also one of the world’s centers for cutting-edge culture.


A great many Americans have roots on Erin’s Isle, making it popular for European vacations. Ireland is probably best-known for its music and its beautiful countryside, so it’s perfect for touring and hiking.

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