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Envelope Stuffing Can You Really Make Money?

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Envelope stuffing is a work-at-home job that comes with a bit of a poor stigma. Over the years, scammers have used the business idea to bilk hopeful workers out of their hard-earned money. While there certainly are some bad businesses that need to be avoided, there are also legitimate ways to make money by stuffing envelopes. Learn how to avoid scams and really make money through envelope stuffing.

Avoiding Envelope Stuffing Scams

Knowing how to spot a scam is the first step in setting up a worthwhile envelope-stuffing job. When reviewing available mailing programs, the first thing you should know is that legitimate companies do not ask you to pay upfront fees for a set-up package. Additionally, businesses that ask you to send mail to friends and family members asking them to buy a set up package should also be avoided. In reality, true envelope stuffing jobs require no upfront costs.

Contact Companies That Need Mailing Services Directly

Many of the scams out there are created by companies that pretend to serve as middlemen between you and the companies that need mailing services. As such, one of the easiest ways to avoid scams is by seeking out direct clients who need envelope stuffers. For example, non-profit organizations often hire envelope stuffers to put together monthly mailing packages for organization members. Similarly, grant writers and accountants often need bulk envelopes stuffed at certain times of the year. Seeking out these employers directly can minimize your potential for dealing with a scammer.

Get the Help of a Job Agency

A good way to find legitimate envelope stuffing jobs is by enlisting the help of a temp agency. Quality temp agencies only gather legitimate job leads and won't hook you up with scammers. If you are interested in stuffing envelopes, then the best temp agencies to seek out are the ones that specialize in clerical work. While jobs acquired through agencies may allow you to work from home, others may request that you perform your work from an office. If you want to work from home, then you might consider starting your own envelope stuffing business and contacting companies directly to inform them of your services.

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