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What is an Electricity Audit

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An electricity audit is simply an audit or calculation of how much electricity you are using in your home and of where that electricity is going. An electricity audit can help you to identify waste so that you can resolve the problems that are causing you to use more electricity than necessary, thus wasting money and doing more damage to the environment than required.

What is an Electricity Audit

There are two different types of electricity audit. The first is simply an audit you do yourself with a calculator to find out how much energy each appliance and activity is using in order to identify where your money is going when you pay your electric bill. There are several online calculator tools that will allow you to do your own electricity audit, such as this consumption calculator that allows you to specify what appliances you have and how often you run them.

The second type of energy audit involves hiring a professional energy auditor to come to your home to identify where and how energy is being wasted. There are professional energy auditors in most areas that will come to your house. Sometimes, an energy auditor works for an electrician, builder, window company or home improvement company and will come to your home to provide a free audit and energy consultation. Such professionals work for these home improvement or building companies because the hope is that when they identify energy leaks or problems, that you will hire the building company that sent the energy auditor to fix the problem.

If you would rather not get an energy audit through a company who is trying to sell you products, you can also hire an independent auditor. In many cases, such a person will charge by the hour or by the job. The money paid to the energy auditor may be tax deductible or there may be other tax incentives. In addition, the money you save by following his recommendations can more than make up for the money you paid to conduct the electricity audit. An energy auditor can use special tools such as fans and infrared sensors to identify potential gaps and leaks where heat is escaping and costing you energy. The electricity audit will typically give you the results of the audit, and in some cases, a list of suggestions as to how to reduce your energy consumption based on the findings in the energy audit.

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