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When to Use Eggshell Paint

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For homeowners looking for paint with a low-luster finish, eggshell paint is an ideal choice. Eggshell paint gets its name from the way it looks when dry: similar to a chicken egg. For example, when you look directly at an egg, it looks flat, but when you look at it from an angle, it has a very subtle sheen. Similarly, eggshell paint is a step up from matte or flat painting finishes due to the fact that it is easier to clean and is more resistant to damage from scrubbing and cleanser use. When determining the best uses for eggshell paint, it is important to keep a few things in mind:


Eggshell paint is recommended by most manufacturers to be used on new or previously painted wallboard, plaster, wood, masonry, wallpaper, primed or previously painted metal, and ceilings. It also offers much of the elegance that a flat or matte paint would, and because of this, an eggshell finish is ideal in living rooms or bedrooms.


In addition, eggshell paints are more durable and easier to clean than their flat or matte counterparts, and are able to hide imperfections in the paint surface almost as efficiently. Though eggshell paint is recommended to be used on the previously mentioned surfaces, it is important to keep in mind that, while eggshell paint is more durable than flat or matte paint, it is not as durable as satin paint. Satin paint is best used when there are children or pets present in a home.

An eggshell finish is universally best for rooms where people gather regularly, but not for high-traffic areas. For example, an eggshell finish is preferred in dining rooms and living rooms, but not in kitchens or bathrooms. Durability is a major reason for this, since eggshell paint can endure some minor scrubbing and cleaning, but lacks the endurance necessary to stand up to high-traffic areas, where a satin or semi-gloss paint is a better choice.

When it comes to paint finishes, several options are available. Depending on your specific needs, area to be painted, purpose of the room, and location of the painting surface, a matte or satin finish may serve better than an eggshell finish. Regardless of the finish you choose, the best paint job will always be the one that simultaneously looks the best and lasts the longest. If you have any doubts regarding your ability to choose the best paint finish for your room, it is best to consult an experienced professional.

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